Why Saree is the Most Preferred Attire of Brides in Kerala Matrimony?

No doubt, a wedding in Kerala is quite simple and beautiful for everyone. These weddings are free from any sort of show off and no so expensive as well. Moreover, the attire of a bride in Kerala is quite beautiful and elegant. They normally give preference to wear the traditional saree on the wedding day. In Kerala matrimony Ezhava, rituals are performed religiously no matter it is a Hindu wedding, a Muslim wedding, or even a Christian wedding. Everyone follows up the rituals and the wedding ends gracefully.

Are you searching for wedding attire for would be Malayali bride, then you can’t miss exploring some conventional Kerala wedding sarees? For Kerala matrimony brides, this article is sharing some of the best information on the choices of the wedding dress that can be considered on a special day.

Kasavu Saree
It is one of the most favored saree selections in order to find the best Kerala bridal look. The Kasavu saree contains quite an attractive iconic golden zari that is ideally matched with a white cloth which is a great symbol of the Malayali girl for wedding purposes. It is one of the highly esteemed options for a Malayali bride. Designed by the best artists, these south Indian sarees are one of the highly favored dresses up from the side of the Malayali brides for the purpose of the wedding. It is simply a flawless option to find simple and elegant looks. The looks can be better with the selection of the right piece of jewelry. It looks quite attractive on every complexion, so there is no need to get troublesome for the skin tone and appearance.

Fresh Zari Kasavu saree
Brides who are really crazy about the simple yet beautiful look can ideally choose Kasavu saree. Lots of experiments are possible by the selection of the Kasavu zari saree. A highly attractive gold border available at the border can turn the design quite attractive. There are lots of options and designs offered in the market to select for the special day of marriage. There are designers available who are offering specially customized saree and you can order for some special design according to your taste. These sarees are perfect not just for the wedding rituals but perfect to wear for the wedding reception as well.

Get Royal Touch with Kanchipuram saree
It is quite costly and one of the most selected items of the South Indian saree for wedding. The bride in Kerela gives preference to the saree over the lehenga. It is known as South India’s Banarasi saree. They are best known for their beauty, quality, and craftsmanship. You can make a choice of the best color and shade as per your needs. However, the cost of the saree is quite high. You can choose this option if there is no restriction about the budget and it is simply ideal for you.

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