Why Getting Hitched at Unique Destinations is Being Preferred by Tamil Couples?

There’s more to Tamil destination weddings than hosting the entire Tamil matrimony outside the town, it is also about attempting to turn your special day memorable for a lifetime. In a destination wedding, couples choose unique destinations to tie the knot and begin their journey of togetherness. While a destination wedding might call for meticulous planning and arrangements, the satisfaction and happiness that comes towards the end of it pay off.

Why Choose Unique Destinations for Tamil Matrimony?
A lot of Tamil couples are now searching for dreamy and romantic places away from their hometown and same old banquet halls to turn the entire nuptial special and to add some spark to it. Everybody including the couples, their respective families, friends, colleagues, and extended family members are all invited to the chosen destination where they go to be a part of the wedding.

Top Best Tamil Wedding Spots to Begin your New Journey

Coastal Towns: Get Married Amidst Postcard-Pretty Landscapes
The majority of the Canada Tamil matrimony takes place during the summers of all the seasons. And the coastal towns come alive with all their grandeur and charm especially during the summers as tourists from across the world flock to these places to experience the heavenly landscape that enshrouds the town. For couples who dream of getting hitched at the beaches, the coastal towns are your perfect solution.

The Hype Behind Coastal Towns and Why They are Rising in Popularity?
You will come across several coastal towns that stand as a testament to numerous Tamil Christian matrimony, given how a multitude of Tamil-Christian couples hit the place to embark on their new journey. Do your homework and try coming up with the ideal coastal town where you can have the most lavish wedding ever.

Mountain Gateways: Tie the Know in the Laps of Your Favourite Mountain
ou wouldn’t come across too many people choosing the hilly regions to get married to, but if you happen to be one of them who is excited to get married amidst the hills then you can choose the mountain gateways for a memorable wedding. How hot the mountains shall be during the summers is based on the place that you are planning to go to. You should explore some of the mountain gateways for outstanding Tamil matrimony.

National Parks: Wed Your Love While Keeping the Animals as Your Witness
Only the rarest of people wouldn’t want to get married in a national park. Imagine the thrill, excitement involved in getting hitched amidst the lush greenery and while watching your favourite animals taking a stroll? If you are one of those animal lovers who get excited at the mere thought of animals then you must consider the idea of getting married in one of the national parks or reserves. A lot of national parks allow you to organize your weddings with the help of professional organizers who are planning experts and perfectly execute your wedding.

Tropical Destinations: Make Your Wedding Reception Remarkable
One of the ultimate experiences in Tamil matrimony in New Zealand would be to get hitched in a tropical destination. Nothing equates to the fun of having your wedding organized in a tropical destination. While the overall cost of getting married in a tropical destination might be more, the experience it guarantees will be unrivalled and once in a lifetime. Plan your wedding reception and start booking your destination as quickly as you can.

Log in to Tamil Matrimony Sites and Find Your Partner
Before you determine the best location for your Tamil matrimony, you must consider a Tamil matrimony login to find your ideal partner. You can log into any of the Tamil matrimonial apps today, make your profile, and get your matches according to the likes, dislikes, hobbies, and passions you share. Matrimonial websites are the best place where you can get the life partner of your dreams. Log into the Tamil matrimony websites and embark on the new phase of your life.

Tamil matrimony can now take place almost anywhere you like. However, tying the knot with your loved ones at an ideal wedding destination like these will have a dramatic and romantic impact on your relationship and love life as well as the on the guests who would be attending your special day.

How the Beautiful Traditions of Tamil Wedding can be Made Even More Colourful

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Celebrating a marriage ceremony in a unique style is most common in the present time. South Indian trends irrespective of being highly rigid regarding matrimonial issues, Tamil matrimony happens to be advancing in making it even more happening and colourful with time. This community is seen adopting innovative and newer ways for making their marriage ceremony even more joyous and classy. In this offset, the concept of the theme has hit the wedding market of late.

The New Approach in the Wedding
Arranging a wedding ceremony following a theme is a highly popular approach which is practiced nowadays. There are a number of event managing houses and wedding planners who help their clients have their dream weddings. The theme weddings are mostly mixing of fantasy with elated reality. Wedding ceremonies in recent times are made even more special and memorable by adding different events and performing the rituals in various creative ways.

Guests are an important part of every wedding ceremony. Hence entertaining them with every kind of pomp and gaiety is the responsibility of the hosts. With the new approach of having a theme party, the guests and other invitees do not lose interest in the wedding neither they get bored. In a Canada Tamil matrimony, the Tamil guests experience few unique events which are generally unconventional in Tamil matrimony, yet having their customs and rituals intact.

Different Unique Themes

There are a number of themes that are opted for decorating a marriage ceremony, for example, beach theme, floral theme, circus theme, royal theme, air theme, indoor garden theme and valentine theme. The clients select these themes for their marriage occasion according to their budget and also with respect to their traditions. Also, there are couples who like to opt for themes that would give them a feeling of having a contemporary wedding.

The wedding planners generally furnishes plenty of suggestions when the selected theme involves gardens, devotional, seaside, traditional, palatial etc. From these suggestions, the clients can choose according to their wishes.

Flower Theme: One might think that the floral theme is common. Yet, the flower theme is the most admired decoration of all, especially for the would-be brides and grooms. The floral decorations add different splashes of colours that makes this theme more unique. Having this theme for a Tamil marriage is quite suitable for the state of Tamil Nadu cultivates a wide variety of flowers.

This theme is also well apt for Tamil Christian matrimony adding different fragrances to the atmosphere along with a magical charm and soothing look. The floral entrance makes an enriched ambience in any marriage.

Royal Theme: The Tamil weddings have simple rituals yet they are quite classy which makes a royal wedding. In addition to this, if the venue of the whole occasion is chosen to be a royal palace it would make the marriage ceremony even classier. There are many imperial palaces in our nation that are scattered throughout in form of forts, temples and palaces. A Tamil Matrimony New Zealand can opt for a royal theme wedding for having a taste for both cultures.

Beach Theme: With the blessings of mother nature India features a large number of beaches and naturally beautiful spots. Hence having a beach theme for the marriage ceremony is pretty common in our country. There are different packages available for beach theme marriage functions. The wedding planners help the client to provide beautiful and significant picturesque spots for a complete decor, which makes a colourful even more colourful.

Tamil Marriage Rituals
Tamil marriage involves colours like red and gold and provides a complete eventful family occasion. Decorating such an event with unique and innovative themes makes the occasion much more eventful and happening. A marriage ceremony of this community are performed in different steps, they are:

Alathi, a short event where the married women bless the couples individually while they leave their place for the marriage.

Kanyathanam, where the bride enters the venue of marriage for joining the groom and his entire family. The bride’s mother washes their hand giving consent for the marriage and her father chants mantras for giving away his daughter.
Marriages involve a lot of gifts, the Koorai saree is an event of presenting the bride with a beautiful saree on behalf of the groom. The Koorai saree is a red Kanjeevaram saree embroidered with golden threads. The bride changes to this saree before the marriage rituals commence.

Next is tying a gold bridal necklace called thali around the bride’s neck. This ritual is performed at a particular time that symbolizes the mutual acceptance of the vows.

Then the groom applies a vermillion dot on the bride’s forehead which symbolizes her marital status.

After that the couple exchange floral garlands for three times which indicates the commitments of their conjugal life.

The rituals are ended with blessings and breaking the fast. There happen to be various games which symbolizes the couple’s conjugal life.

Hence there are a number of ways a Tamil marriage can be decorated with themes.

Matrimonial Website
Matrimonial websites are web portals where digital matrimonial matchmakings are done. These sites are quite popular in India. These sites register the applicants and acts as traditional marriage brokers. There are about 15 different community matrimonial sites in our country. Tamil matrimonial site is one of them. Along with all other community sites, Tamil matrimony login also provides security of the identity of the users and helps in safe communication.

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