Why trust online Nair matrimony for a perfect matchmaking?

Kerala is a relaxed and chill state of India, and so are the people of this place, educated, sophisticated and humble. This is the place where you could find most Nair people and the citizens from other states have a huge craze for the Nair matrimony. They use to have a special kind of wedding with grand ceremonies and extravagant celebrations.

Nair cast people dressing, habits and style are very different compared to other people living in Kerala. But overall, in Kerala, their Shaadi rituals are too various. Similarly, when you come to know about their wedding style, you will be a wonder to hear that. Yes, that much the Nair people celebrate their wedding stylishly and distinctly to other common Hindu marriages.

Importance of wedding destination
Wedding Destination – Mostly, the people in Kerala who speak Malayalam would like to host the wedding in their own house. The reason is they think that the marriages that are held at the home will last for more years. Also, there would be an eternal bonding between the partners.

If you visit Marriage websites in India like matrimonialsindia.com, you can see some of the pictures of the wedding that were held in Kerala and most of them were hosted at home. So, mostly they will prefer to conduct the wedding in either the house of the groom or bride, no matter, the house is big enough or not.

The five wedding styles of Kerala Wedding are as follows,

Pre Wedding Celebrations-
At times, the wedding celebrations and rituals of Malayali people are explained in the Kerala Matrimony as well to let people know about them. Pre-wedding celebrations include muhurtam, nischayam, aashirwadam, and Mehendi. With these rituals, the parents of both will confirm a relationship is going to start between the bride and groom.

• Muhurtam
This is also known as the matchmaking ceremony as if the Kundlis are a match, a Muhurtham or Muhurath (an auspicious date) is fixed on the same day for a wedding.

• Nischayam
The Nischayam ceremony is conducted to celebrate the joyous announcement of the Nair matrimonial. Also, known as the ring ceremony or Mothiram Maatal, a traditional engagement ceremony marks the start of the relationship of the would-be life partners on a beautiful note. The rings are exchanged, then families give and receive gifts among each other, including bridal ornaments.

• Aashirwadam
It is executed to obtain blessings from elder ones for a happy and thriving wedding life. The bride wears a stunning silk saree while the groom is styled in a Kerala matrimonial traditional attire.

• Mehendi Ceremony
The bridal Mehendi ceremony is similar to other Mehendi rituals carried across India. At Kerala Nair wedding ceremonies, the aunts of the bride draw pretty patterns on her hands and feet.

Wedding Rituals –

• Pudamuri
During this event, the groom will bestow a saree and a blouse with flowers to the bride ensuring that, from now, he will take the life-long responsibility of her by giving her all the desired things in life. Then, the wedding ceremony will get completed once after the groom ties Mangalsutra on Bride\’s neck.

• Kanyadaan
The groom is requested to come to the wedding hall by the brother of the bride who will wash the legs of the groom and welcomes him to the Kalyan Mandapa. Then, the bride’s parents will place the bride’s right hand into the groom’s right-hand, and this is called Kanyadaan.

Post Wedding Ceremony –

• Grihapravesh
This event includes Grihapravesh. That is, the bride will start her new house once after getting the blessings of her parents, elders and other relatives. Then, she comes into the pooja room to illuminate the lights placed over there.

• Sadhya
A classic Nair matrimonial sadhya consists of almost 25 dishes served on a banana leaf. It comprises of rice, sweets, pickles, papad, vegetables, curries and much more.

Well, these beautiful ceremonies bind the souls of the bride and groom together with real love, honesty, happiness, and many blessings.
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Nair Weddings in Kerala are short yet fantastic. While it is a treat to watch these weddings, thinking about them also brings a smile on the face.