Guidelines To Flawless Bridal Make-Up In The Muslim Wedding

Celebration in India is not a personal affair but an elaborate affair which is celebrated with friends and family. Marriages in Indian culture are celebrated on an extravagant and huge scale with the attendance of loved ones. The couple wants to look their absolute best on this special occasion. For brides to stand out on their D-day is quite a task especially if they are unaware of ideas and specials touches that will help enhance their final look. Flawless makeup and the right accessories can add oomph and wow factors to the bride\’s wedding attire. In Muslim matrimony, a lot of attention is given to the right makeup to help compliment the bride\’s wedding attire.

Makeup can help change the appearance of the different facial features of the bride and help highlight her best features. Makeup artists have several tricks and tips up their sleeves to completely transform the brides on their wedding day. Wedding is very emotional larger than lives of friends and family. Bridal make-up has been taken seriously for few years and a lot of changes have been seen during these years. The make-up industry has also seen immense growth in Muslim matrimonial in India.

Picking the right color
The right color is the most important thing while doing make-up. The make-up of the bride with the right color will give an extravagant look to the bride. There are lots of colors that are best suited with pearl jewelry. This make-up may be bright or light as per the occasion and make-up with the right color can fulfill your event.

Bronze shades
Bronze shades can bright the accessories and create a perfect look for the bride. However, bronze shades along with jewellery will increase the look of the outfit. Matte shades are the perfect combination for various events and ceremonies that are held at night.

Applying eyebrow mousse
Eyebrows play a vital role in the make-up of Muslim matrimony brides. Applying the mousse on eyebrows will increase the glaze of a Muslim bride in her marriage. Thus the make-up industry has increased over the years and helped a lot of brides to look beautiful for any occasion.

Skincare and jewellery
Skincare is important for a bride during her weddings. Applying various make-ups which may irritate may affect the skin of the bride. Applying proper make-up is also necessary before Muslim marriage.

Classy Products
Make-up artists are using premium products for the bride so that their skin is not affected. Proper application of natural make-up that suits the bride will help her to look beautiful on her wedding day. Make-up artists apply make-up as per the needs and requirements of the bride. Flawless make-up helps the bride to look graceful and also their make-up should match with the events.

Bridal Packages
Bridal make-ups are also associated with various packages which include hair, make-up, and draping. A bridal hairstyle, make-up, jewellery design, and bridal wear also part of the packages. The bridal package includes other services such as wraps, body scrubs, waxing, and massage, etc. These types of packages are available at competitive prices.

Bridal Place
The bridal place plays a vital role in bridal make-up as applying make-up takes more than two hours. It is also seen that after applying make-up and then going to the distant wedding place will destroy the gracefulness of the bride. Therefore, the bride should be attended by the make-up artists at the venue.

Nowadays various make-up artists have tied with matrimonial sites to offer their services for the bride on their D-Day. This industry is also increasing day-by-day and helping the bride in looking beautiful and stunning on their weddings. Professional Bridal makeup artists charge from 15k to lakhs. So proper planning should be made before availing such services. However, bridal make-up artists have tied up with the matchmaking websites to perform pre-wedding ceremonies such as the Mehendi ceremony for the bride and their friends and relatives.

Choosing the right bridal make-up artist can help break or make on the special day of the bride. This is a special occasion that you will remember and share with your loved ones and hence you would want to look your absolute best on such occasion. Opt for a make-up artist that has the experience and apt skill to help you stand out on your most memorable day. You can also compare prices on the various matrimonial sites to get good deals and discounts on your bridal make-up. Several reputed and established beauty and make-up artists have tied with matrimonial sites that you can avail of their services at affordable prices.


Make your wedding easy and fun with these handy tips

Traditional Muslim matrimony in India is celebrated with as much grandeur as any Hindu wedding in the country. Full of pre and post-wedding rituals, a Muslim wedding is an event of opulent celebration with great feast and entertainment.

With a wide array of traditional wedding rituals, customs and complexities, planning a perfect authentic Muslim wedding can be a nerve-wracking task. No matter whether you are hiring a wedding planner or arranging everything by yourself, following are some of the important points that need to keep in mind while planning a traditional Muslim marriage.

Decide the meher amount:
Once the wedding date is fixed, the first thing to think about is the meher, a pre-agreed monetary amount that is offered as a gift by the groom to the bride at the wedding. The meher amount is privately decided by between the bride’s and groom’s families keeping in mind the financial capacity of the groom. Finalizing the meher amount ahead of time will ensure that the groom has ample time to prepare well before the Nikah ceremony.

Finalizing the wedding venue:
Getting yourself the desired venue is the most important task while starting to plan out everything for the wedding. As per Muslim custom marrying in the mosque is not compulsory, you have the liberty to select a venue for the wedding of your own choice and budget. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding with just your family by your side or an extravagant one, you have to decide the wedding venue much before the actual D day to avoid last-minute chaos.

The henna party:
Arranged a few days before the ceremony, a henna or mehndi party is n of the most common and special pre-wedding ritual for the Muslim matrimony brides. This fun-filled event involves drawing of beautiful mehendi designs on the hands and feet of the bride and other female relatives. Full of dancing, singing, and great food, it is a great opportunity for female bonding before the actual occasion. Start our preparation for this important pre-wedding ritual with finding a skill full henna artist.

The wedding dress:
Both the bride and the groom’s attires play a pivotal role have in making the wedding a perfect one. Ranging from heavily embellished wedding dresses to elegant one-colour design ensemble, there is a huge variety of wedding attires you can choose from as per your choice and budget.

The Nikah ceremony:
Now it’s time to get prepare for the actual wedding ceremony, the Nikah. It is a simple yet the most important part of a Muslim wedding wherein the marriage contract is signed between the couple in presence of a Qazi and two male witnesses.

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