Telugu Matrimony- Some Unique Features That Make It Special

India is a region of diversity. Here every culture has its own significance, and story of glory which is showcased in their traditional wedding. In this blog, you will get to know about the rituals, prominence and specialty of Telugu matrimony. Let us explore how it is different and special from other cultures and traditional weddings happening in India. Some unique nuances make them look apart from others in South India.

Emphasis on spirituality
You can see many ritual customs in every traditional Indian wedding. However, traditional Telugu matrimony Australia focuses on spirituality and subtle symbolism. This is why Telugu matrimony stands apart from other traditional Indian weddings.

Esteem for females
Considering Telugu matrimony females play a vital role in every ritual. The tradition and culture of south India treat women as equal to male. This value and respect for women make this traditional Indian matrimony unique.

Dazzling décor
A Telugu wedding is famous for its eye-dazzling jazzy décor with quite a lot of anticipated themes like the ritualistic background of Tirupati Balaji and Shree. Usually, the Telugu wedding shade is lavishly decorated in ‘gold’ and rich décor. Nischitartham, the ring ceremony in Telugu tradition is yet another pompous affair. The magnificence of this ring ceremony is usually unparalleled in its appeal, and decor.

Amazing pre-wedding traditions
Not just Telugu weddings, but pre-wedding traditions also make this culture special. A big number of rituals are performed before the wedding, making it a unique and long lavish affair. The Telugu bride and the Telugu matrimony groom before the wedding day have to do Mangal snaanam, a sacred bath to mark the last day of bachelor lifestyle and progression into married life. The ladies make the bride bathe. The bride worships Lord Ganesh and Goddess Gauri to seek blessings for her matrimonial bliss.

Bride in a basket
One of the unique features of a traditional Telugu Matrimony is an unusual custom related to the Telugu matrimony bride’s entry to the wedding hall. In some of the communities is brought to the Mandapam in a bamboo basket by her maternal uncle. It is indeed an interesting scene to behold. A Telugu Bride is dressed gorgeously and ethereal is seated in a big wicker basket. Her maternal uncles carry that basket into the wedding canopy. The groom is sat at the altar. Indian brides in Australia like this ritual very much.

Sticky blessings
Surprised over sticky blessing? It is sticky yet tricky as well. The ritual of Jeerakalla-Bellamu is unique as it involves sticky blessings. A curtain is placed between the bride and groom and then the priest enchants the sacred wedding mantras. Both are handed a beetle leaf with the stickiest mixture of cumin seeds and sweet jaggery. This unique ritual symbolizes the unbreakable eternal bonding of the couple, just as the sticky and hard to detach mix of jaggery and cumin.

The hues of Madhuparkam
Multiple colors are involved in the Telugu traditional wedding in Australia. Telugu bride is made to wear a red-bordered white silk saree and the groom, a red-bordered white silk dhoti. There is a significance of this color combination as it symbolizes purity, forte, and passion. This is the realistic traditional Telugu wedding attire for the bride and the groom.

Pearls overhead
Not exactly the pearls, some also use rice kernels in yet another unique ritual, named Talambralu. Both the Telugu bride and the Telugu groom are handed either handful of pearls or rice kernels mixed with turmeric by the priest. The couple cups their hands, and as the pearls or rice is drizzled in, they hold it. Both of them just pour it all over each other’s head while the priest keeps reciting the sacred mantras. If you want to find your life partner, visit any matrimonial site.

Long-drawn weddings
A usual wedding takes 2-3 three hours to complete with rituals. But a Telugu wedding is a long drawn wedding that takes long hours for a wedding to accomplish. This wedding ceremony is also interspersed with various fun games to keep the ceremonial life and the guests amused.

Ring finding ceremony for dominance
Towards the end of the ceremony, the groom is supposed to put a pair of silver rings onto the toes of Telugu bride. It is a symbol of acclaiming the woman as his wife. Another fun ritual is also important and that’s ring finding ceremony. The priest puts the couple’s wedding rings inside a metal pot full of water, milk, color, and roses. The couple is supposed to find that ring out. The custom necessitates that the couple put their hands into the pot simultaneously and whoever, between the two, finds the rings first is supposed to be the dominant one in that marriage.
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