What Makes Punjabi Weddings An Absolute Blast?

Food, fun, and lots of dancing!! These are undeniably important aspects of Punjab’s diverse culture, and they are certainly what comes to mind when you think of a wedding of a Punjabi girl. Add some glitzy, colourful costumes, lavish décor, and an open bar for the ideal big fat wedding!

However, loud revelries aren’t the only thing going on. As you investigate the real pomp and magnificence of Punjabi wedding traditions, here is an edition of the Punjabi Bride matrimonial: a colourful introduction to distinct regional cultures encompassing rituals, customs, attire, and more.

Rituals In A Punjabi matrimony UK:

Roka, which means “the completion of the search for a good mate,” is the first in a long line of rites that commemorate the decision of two families to solidify a partnership. It is typically performed without the bride, with the bride’s family visiting the groom’s residence to bless their marriage with presents such as fruits, sweets, clothes, money, and other assets. The groom’s family then returns the favour by paying a visit to the bride’s home and showering the newlyweds with presents or ‘shagun.’ Thaka is the name given to this rite.

Sagai or Engagement
The Sagai ceremony, or engagement ceremony, is often performed on the same day as the Chunni ritual, or sometimes immediately. It is the exchange of rings between the Punjabi girl and the groom. The family and friends then perform a little pooja to bless the match. In general, ceremonies up to this point have been fairly intimate, with only family members present. The engagement, on the other hand, can be as large or as tiny as desired.

Ladies’ Sangeet
The most anticipated wedding ceremony, the Sangeet, is an evening of music, dance, and nonstop merriment! It was the Indian counterpart of a hen party, traditionally organised by the Sikh brides family, where the women of the family came around and sang folk songs, danced, and ridiculed the bride.

Again, an important aspect of Indian weddings by a matrimonial site, the Haldi comprises happy celebrations in which the bride and groom are covered with a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood, rose water, and other ingredients to give them a radiant glow for their wedding day!

The Varmala is the customary garland exchange that the newlyweds conduct upon seeing one other, and it is a pleasant event appreciated by the couple, their family, and their visitors equally. When the groom arrives, he is taken to the stage, and the bride arrives with her family and mounts the stage for the rite.

The Kanyadaan rite, which is prevalent in some form or another in every country and religion around the world, commemorates the father handing up his daughter’s hand at the wedding. He demands that the groom take care of his daughter with Vedic mantras, following which the groom receives her hand and promises to love and protect her till death separates them.

Mangal Phere
The couple gets up to attend the phere. The extremities of their drapes are knotted together to symbolise their marriage bond, and they encircle the holy fire four times while chants are chanted aloud to commemorate their vows.

As the Punjabi girl prepares to leave her home and family, the ultimate goodbye in the Vidaai is a bittersweet rite. Following the tearful embrace, the bride tosses a lump of rice over her shoulder onto her home as a thank you for taking care of her.

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