Immense Reasons to fall in love with Kerala Matrimony

Kerala matrimonial always tends to be a little different from the weddings of other parts of India. This is due to various reasons. For anyone, Keralite wedding tends to take a very minimalistic approach. The brides of Kerala tend to play beautifully with their attire mixing them with the aesthetics of the states and making a wonderful look during wedding receptions.

Here are some reasons to love Kerala matrimonial in India

Subtle Traditions
The Kerala matrimony traditions are very subtle and have a strong sense of elegance to them.

The Kasavu

The most unique aspect of any Keralite wedding is the bride’s attire. While it is the norm for women of other parts of the country to wear bright colors like red or gold Keralite brides tend to wear white as their primary color. They prefer to wear white silk saree with broad golden borders. This is due to the high population of Christians in the area and it is preferred that white be worn on the wedding day. There is also a custom of wearing a white veil. This is followed by Kerala matrimony traditions as it adds huge beauty to the bride.

Elegant Hairstyles donned by Kerala brides

The preferred hairstyles by Hindu brides include buns and braids. They are really minimalistic designs of hairstyles however the hairs are also adorned with various flowers and pins of gold and silver.

Simple yet Graceful Wedding Makeup

As far as the makeup goes in a Kerala matrimony it is very minimalistic. Heavy makeups are not used by the bride as they tend to have a very soft and subtle approach to the makeup. They just accentuate the beauty of their features through makeup. Preferred colors of makeup remain as pink and gold to get an organic and glow filled look in shaadi. The eye shadows as well are very subtle. Some opt for the traditional kajal or some going for subtle shades like blue or pink.

Don’t forget the true-to-heart traditional outfits of grooms in Kerala marriage which is equally graceful.

However, every bride and groom must make sure that they check their dresses out before the weddings as the styles may work for some but not for others.

Kerala Wedding Jewellery

The wedding jewelries of a Keralite are made with gold, especially for marriage matrimony. Most of the brides prefer gold over diamonds and other precious stones since it is traditional. The brides wear a lot of gold ornaments. It is considered a sign of the family’s prosperity and a sign of wealth.

Have a look at some of the traditional bridal jewellery worn by a Kerala bride.

Kasu Mala
It is one of the leading bridal jewelry of Kerala. In Malayalam, ‘kasu’ means coin and maala mean necklace. As the name suggests, this long necklace has a lot of gold coins. One example: kasu mala is a 22-carat gold kasu mala that has Lakshmi coins attached to a necklace, with each coin being studded with pearls.

Palakka Mala
It is a leaf necklace, which is normally green in color. The traditional palakka mala carried up in matrimonial ceremonies includes emerald and rubies. The modern version features a gold necklace with leaf-like pendants, which can be studded with rubies. Sometimes, the leaf can also be red in color.

Nagapada Thali
It is somewhat similar to a palakka mala in terms of design. The main difference is its pendants. These are small and can be formed in any shape. The most common Nagapada Thali features pieces of green glass that look like emeralds. These glass pieces are cut in a shape similar to a snake’s hood and are studded with stones.

Karimani Mala
It is very similar to a mangalasutra, and it features gold and black beads.

Mulla Mottu Mala
It is a necklace with several small-sized petals in gold. These petals can be made either with gold only or gold studded with stones. In Malayalam, mulla mottu means jasmine buds.

Manga Mala
It is a necklace with several curved-shaped pendants.

This features a chain with a pendant, which can be only gold or gold studded with stones. The pendant can feature flowered-shaped stones with gold.

It comprises of several rectangular-shaped pieces, with each piece featuring flowers and leaves. Furthermore, each rectangular piece has several small dangling thalis that add to the beauty of the bride.

This is the designer bell-shaped earrings worn by the bride in a matrimonial ceremony in Kerala. These are a part of temple jewellery. One design of a traditional jhimki can be ear studs in palakka (leaf) design. Another type of jhimki is a gold-plated earring with small dangling bells.

It is a long necklace that has a moon-shaped pendant. It is available in various designs like Valra minni, Chandra Minni, etc.

Ashtalakhsmi Vala
This refers to bangles worn in Kerala, which symbolize health and well-being. These bangles represent the eight incarnations of Lakshmi and feature images of all eight of these.

Some of the other famous traditional ornaments of Kerala are

• Kazhuthila (thick necklace similar to Mulla mottu),
• Kuzhalmothiram (a thin necklace),
• Thoda (earring),
• Avilmala (a thin necklace), and
• Kingini (a thick necklace).

India is a culture of diversity where you can see brides in different shades of style. But ethnicity lies in its best beauty in a Kerala bride. So do check your profile at a Kerala matrimonial site and bring the most gorgeous Kerala bride in your life.