How can your hairstyle bring an extraordinary panache to your Marathi matrimony?

Weddings are an extraordinary event for both the bride and the groom although all eyes are perpetually falling on the bride. She has to look her the best and fairy-like beautiful on this special day and requires to take care of every aspect from her makeup, wedding attire, and jewellery as well as hairdo. Here you will know about the different hairstyles a Marathi matrimony bride with long hair can do to look like the perfect damsel ready to tie the knot.

The Classic bun
Marathi matrimony is an auspicious occasion with a lot of emphasis on rites and ceremonies. So, usually, Marathi brides like to do an updo for their hair so that their jewellery is seen clearly. Also, the hairdo does not come in the way of any of the rituals and should appeal to the Marathi matrimony groom. You could try the classic bun. It has seen many decades when hairstyling went through a big change among Marathi matrimony.

Some hair accessories to hairdo along with a maang tika make it look more beautiful.

The Chic half updo
Some brides are keen on having open tresses but do not want them to be completely loose. Make sure that the curls are loose and scattered wide enough to get the volume. Also, make them look natural or look more formal by adding a pouffe so that they do not look too flat. This will look like a complete stunner by adding a twist to it curling the front part of the hair and accessorizing it. Some traditional ornaments will give a classic look to it.

Curled updo
What you will do is curl up the curls and pin them up in a loose soft bun. You will look natural leaving some tresses loose and accessorizing the bun with a flower or hair jewellery piece.

The Mathapatti look-
If you plan to wear a matha Patti on your wedding day, then this style looks great. It is easy to make and can be done on your own. All you need to do is blow-dry your hair and puff up the crown to place the matha, Patti. The soft curls at the back will add bounce and volume to your hair and look natural at the same time.

Layered Bun hairdo-
What you need to do is blow-dry your hair to and find loose curls and puff up the crown. After this, you need to make hair sections from both sides, roll them and secure them with hairpins. Do it till the end and you will get a beautiful waterfall layered bun.

French and fishtail
If you keep your hairdo simple it doesn’t mean that you can’t be glam. By keeping your bridal hairstyle simple and classy, there’s nothing better than, a classic French braid. Add some hair decorations to the fishtail braid to get a cute bridal look!

Classic Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers
So, a lot of Marathi brides opt for buns and beautify them with flowers that are either go with their outfit or sometimes contrast it. A beautiful bridal of your choice is one hairstyle with flowers that will never go out of trend. If you want to keep your bridal look simply trendy and classic, this hairstyle is the way to go.

Low Bun and Reverse Maang Tikka
Have you ever thought of reversing your Maang Tikka and making it look even better as if it was meant to be worn that way? This graceful bridal hairdo with a low bun embellished with jasmine flowers and maang tikka is worn in the reverse. All of these essentials are great for brides who want to keep it simple while still being different.

In Indian Marathi weddings, hairstyle catches the eyes of place in the bride’s beauty stock and every bride wants to look her most elegant on this big day. You can visit the top-rated Marathi Matrimony site for getting more hairdo ideas.

These easy to do hairstyles offered by specialists at top matrimonial sites will surely help in deciding your look on your wedding day and make you look like a Queen.


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