Bengali Brides- The Epitome of beauty and Daintiness

Weddings seek special attention in India, especially Bengali matrimony that is marked by blowing of the conch shells known as ‘Shankh’ and ululation. These are performed by the women dressed in red and white Bengali style silk sarees. They celebrate weddings with traditional rituals which are indulged in simplicity and beautiful affair. There are live musicians who play Shehnai a music system that symbolizes the ethnicity of Indian tradition and a social declaration from the bride and groom’s family to the rest of the society at this kind of traditional wedding celebration.

Some traditional rituals take place at Bengali matrimony:
Every wedding has some traditional rituals at their kind of matrimony. However, in Bengali matrimony, there are some rituals that add up the glory and beauty of a Bengali girl that is going to be a bride soon.

Shubho Logno- A purohit, priest or pundit is called to pick the auspicious date and time/logno of the marriage ceremony. Before finalising the date, he checks and confirms that the Bengali bride and groom’s family is not distant or close relatives. Bengali bride and groom cannot belong to the same gotra to get married. After fixing the day, both families share gifts called totto.

Aai Budo bhaath: This is one of the most distinguished pre-wedding rituals that bring a natural glow to a Bengali girl’s face. It occurs on the Vriddhi puja day where the entire night is reserved for the festivity of the bride’s last meal at her father’s place where the family members and close friends go together with her in this beauteous ceremony. A scrumptious meal of varieties in a dish to celebrate the occasion. The elders shower blessings to her.

The ashirbaad ceremony: In the Bengali tradition this ritual is performed two to three days before the actual wedding day. The priest conducts the ceremony where the groom’s family visits the bride’s home to bestow their sanctifications on the girl. They bring a lot of gifts as totto. After this ceremony, a natural glow comes on the face of a Bengali girl.

Gaaye Haldi: known as gaaye holud and snan ritual in Bengali matrimony which takes place on the wedding day only when married women apply Haldi paste on the groom to be first and then leftover is sent to bride’s place alongside some pleasantries. The bride keeps a fast post this ritual. The gaaye holud totto are designed in such a way that they are worth seeing in bong weddings.

Wearing the sankha: The essential and sacred sankha and pola are the most noticeable cognizance of married Bengali women, it’s another beautiful chapter from the elaborate rituals in a Bengali wedding. The girl is the prime character in this ritual and seven married women are involved in it who makes her wear red and white bangles in her hand. This ritual triggers the glow in the Bengali bride to be in India, which will be pious symbols of married Bengali women in the Hindu religion.

How does a Bengali bride become the epitome of beauty?

Along with all these rituals, the unique makeup, dress up and special attire adds up the beauty of a Bengali girl soon to be bride.
On her auspicious day, a Bengali bride embodies the true feminine beauty in her looks and dress. Dressing up a bride is not just a task but a whole occasion in itself. The specially designed and glorious saree that the girl drapes are in red or crimson color. It is especially silk or Banarasi saree which is the most traditional gold jewellery for a Bengali bride.

These days, modern touch has influenced the look as some women prefer choosing different colors such as pink, maroon and white saree with red coloured border is given the highest preference. This adds appeal, charm and glows to the beauty of every Indian Bengali bride. This attire is in itself special with rich and intensive golden embroidery work that looks stunning on a Banaras saree. Bengali brides wear also wear a chunni separately along with their heads gear.

Adorned with traditional golden ornaments and catchy hand art with white color on the forehead keep eye one’s eye meets on it. A smiling Bengali bride becomes the rock-star of the day with her looks, getup and attire. And looks no less than a deity. Her bridal story is noteworthy and so is her beauty and charm.

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